The Grupo Clavijo achieves the due diligence report for its polar tracker and fixed structures

Thursday July 26th, 2012

THE GRUPO CLAVIJO ACHIEVES THE DUE DILIGENCE REPORT FOR ITS POLAR TRACKER AND FIXED STRUCTURES This backing will involve the financing of photovoltaic projects that include products made by this company. The Spanish company Grupo Clavijo ELT, S.L. has obtained the technical Due Diligence report for its horizontal polar tracker and all fixed structure models for the solar photovoltaic market. The report, which was drawn up by the prestigious North American firm Black & Veatch (B&V), a company renowned around the world for its rigour, independence and knowledge of the sector, gives Grupo Clavijo world customers backing and a top class guarantee when obtaining financing for solar photovoltaic projects in any country. The Due Diligence report places the Grupo Clavijo among the small number of firms in the sector of structure and tracker manufacturers around the world, and drives the development of new international projects. It particularly benefits EPC contractors and promoters of the solar photovoltaic market for which it will now be a benchmark supplier.