Innovative solar concentrator from Grupo Clavijo for the spanish army

Thursday December 12th, 2013

The Spanish firm GRUPO CLAVIJO have designed and constructed a parabolic trough as part of a project lead by the INTA (Spanish Institute for Aerospace Technology) called the SOLGEMAC Programme, to supply power to units of the Spanish army on assignments abroad. The project focuses on achieving energy self-sufficiency by using a parabolic trough on a Stirling engine to produce electric and thermal energy.
Grupo Clavijo´s contribution to the project culminated in the SOLGEMAC Programme Technology Awareness Workshops, which were held on 14 November at the INTA´s premises in Torrejón de Ardoz. As an integral member of the project, the Group participated in this event by giving the following presentation: “Grupo Clavijo: The Dynamics of Innovation”. After the event, the speakers and the attending public had the opportunity to see the solar concentrator manufactured by Grupo Clavijo in operation.