MIREC 2016 (Mexico): the SP 160 tracker and a new key piece which will drastically change assembly ratios, the main new developments for Grupo Clavijo

Monday April 18th, 2016

The Spanish company Grupo Clavijo is attending the latest edition of MIREC Week in Mexico with important new developments. On the one hand, it is presenting its SP 160 single-axis tracker, which,among other benefits, offers versatility for configuring modules in 1V, 2V and 3H and configuring 1000 and 1500 V, minimum maintenance costs and fast installation. Also, it does not require a push bar to gain access between rowsof trackers. An advanced and versatile tracker that perfectly adapts to any type of solar photovoltaic project.

On the other, Grupo Clavijo has developed anew spherical bearing for its single-axis trackers. In addition to the benefits already found in the previous model (no maintenance and easy installation), we can also add a faster assembly time (as it is made up of fewer pieces), the capacity to absorb a working angle greater than 55 degrees with structural systems that reduce the centre of mass and decrease the consumption necessary for movement, and greater resistance to strain.

Grupo Clavijo´s strong commitment to offering its customers the latest technology in single and multi-row tracking and its quality of service allows it to develop major photovoltaic projects, with over 700 MW installed in the LATAM area and over 1.2 GW around the world. It is currently the only manufacturer offering the two main monitoring systems and with the greatest track record in the market for both technologies.