New 1.300 Kw photovoltaic plant at two greenhouses in Granada (Spain)

Monday May 18th, 2009

NEW 1.300 KW PHOTOVOLTAIC PLANT AT TWO GREENHOUSES IN GRANADA (SPAIN) The Spanish company Grupo Clavijo designed and manufactured all the elements of the photovoltaic structure for two greenhouses located in Granada province, Spain. Each plant covers a surface area of 24,000 m2 (48,000 m2 in total) and will produce 1300 kW of completely clean power. C-shaped steel profiles were used for the portal frames of the structure as well as for the belts and conduits. The cables are installed in conduits that rest on the base structure of the greenhouse, meaning that no trenches needed to be excavated. This new project highlights the broad applications of Grupo Clavijo’s range of structures for photovoltaic installations, which are added to the new assembly kit for photovoltaic roof and deck installations, now available. The Spanish company Grupo Clavijo, with a global presence, has developed the broadest range of fixed structures and solar trackers for photovoltaic installations on the market.