New assembly kit for photovoltaic roof and deck installations.

Tuesday May 18th, 2010

The Spanish company Grupo Clavijo has developed a new assembly solution for photovoltaic solar installations on roofs and decks, which provides excellent quality for the price. The system is adaptable to all types of surfaces (concrete counterweight, tile roof, profiled sheet, sandwich panel, etc.), including both coplanar (basic or composite) and inclined (basic, diagonal, or saw) solutions. Each kit is custom made to the client’s order. This new system, created by a professional multidisciplinary team, provides the best guarantees both in terms of the material used (aluminium alloy grid cores 6063 and 6005), and the finished product (APPLUS Certification taking into account current legislation regarding wind speed of up to 150 km/h, snow loads and rain puddling on decks). This makes it possible to offer a 12 year product warranty. The solution is delivered with all necessary material for quick assembly, including personalised plans showing how to do it. As always Grupo Clavijo guarantees on-time delivery with its integral logistical management.