Poles driven into the ground

The pole is driven directly into the ground using a pile driver. This piece of machinery uses a special mold shaped like the profile of the pole to repeatedly strike and force the pole into the ground until the depth required in accordance with the project is reached.




Micro-pile poles

In the event the type of terrain is unsuitable for driving the poles into the ground, either due to insufficient stability or due to the hard nature of the terrain; the poles are put in position using micro-piles. These poles are embedded in cylindrical concrete micro-piles and holes are drilled in the ground of a diameter and depth in accordance with project requirements.  

Poles on bolts anchored to the ground

In the event the type of terrain impedes securing the poles by driving them into the ground or using micro-piles, either due to the difficult nature of the terrain or the topography of the same, the poles may be secured by attaching them to the heads of bolts anchored to the ground, using machinery in accordance with the characteristics of the terrain.

Poles on surface wedges

Another way of securing the poles is by using surface wedges.