Nclave designs, calculates and manufactures solar trackers according to customers specifications and standards that apply in each country.

Nclave uses the most advanced engineering calculation and simulation software approved by aerospace and automotive industry quality standards. Regarding our manufacturing, Nclave stands out for:

  • High-volume manufacturing facility in Spain with highly qualified and experienced staff .
  • Several product centers spread around the world.
  • CNC machinery.
  • Integrated Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015.
  • Enviromental Management System – ISO 14001:2015.

Nclave has earned a great reputation for being focused on their customers and stands out tailored made solutions to fulfill the most complicated project requirements.

Patented bearing for SP160:
  • Adaptable to complicated terrain
  • Tested under acelerated life cycles
  • Lubrication and maintenance free

The main characteristics that define Nclave SP160:

  1. Horizontal single-axis, single-row with independent slew drive or single linear actuator, permits full access between rows and enables flexible, high density site layouts.
  2. Easy to install in complex terrain thanks to the most adaptable bearing in the industry.
  3. Several adjustment points to accommodate a broad range of rammed piles and installation misalignment.
  4. Nclave´s slew drive and polymer have been age tested under extreme environmental conditions to validate their high reliability.

Horizontal, single axis, one-row

120º (±60º) / 100 (±50º

Up to 180 m²

Direct ramming / Pre-drilling / Concrete micro-piling / Screw piles

Slew drive: 15% N-S/ 10% E- W / Linear actuator: 5.2% N-S / 10% E- W

Configurable: standard range (28 - 50%)*

HDG high strength steel S275, S355 and ZM310 steel

Slew drive or single linear actuator

Frame, dual glass, thin film...

Tailored to site requirements

1500 V version or 1000 V version