As well as designing, producing and installing trackers and fixed tilt structures, we offer an extensive range of personalized solutions adapted to each client’s needs. At the client’s request, our engineering department, together with the other professionals at the company, will carry out, amongst other things, the following services:

Advice on layout
Project engineering
Comprehensive solution
Supervision and commissioning
Operation and maintenance
Customised monitoring or remote control

An additional guarantee of the final product is our compliance with the ISO 9001 regulation, which involves a control and revision of the entire design and manufacturing procedure to the full satisfaction of the client.


Our highly specialised engineering and R+D+i departments work closely together to develop the solar trackers that form our current range and to design future models. They start with a design based on technical specifications which they then optimize to achieve advanced trackers with special features making them resistant, reliable, light and efficient. In short, an innovative design with high added value for the client.


Our manufacturing centre has automated state-of-the-art machinery which is computer controlled as well as a team of professionals who guarantee the highest quality in cutting and welding. The result is tilts and trackers which are efficient and reliable.


If the client so desires we can carry out the assembly of the trackers and tilts. To do so, we have qualified professionals on all five continents. Where the assembly is external, we still have members of our team in place to ensure the correct installation of the trackers and tilts. We also offer our own commissioning to ensure the correct launching of the solar plant.

Operation and maintenance

These products are designed to have minimal maintenance, with monitoring of parts and processes incorporated to facilitate control and to prevent possible dysfunctionalities.
We also offer installation maintenance. This service guarantees that all parts of the photovoltaic installation are always in perfect conditions to produce energy.